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Simply Easy

The Clever Control Relay ‘easy’ 400, 600 and 800


easy 400, 600, 800The easy is a low cost, multifunctional programmable relay.  The easy is ideally suited for control and timing relay replacement applications and simple control functions such as: lighting, motor alternation, conveyors and event time sequencing. 


  • 8 multifunction timers
  • 8 up/down counters
  • Four 24/7 event timers
  • LCD display
  • Space saving component
  • Password function
  • Multiple language display


  • Relay replacer
  • Pump/motor controls and sequencer
  • Lighting controls
  • Temperature controls
  • Conveyor controls
  • Machine controls

Easy to operate

Anyone able to read a wiring diagram will quickly feel comfortable with easy. Every circuit can be input 1:1 on the display of this clever device, using the familiar normally open and normally closed contacts and coils. All the basic and special functions can be ‘wired up‘ with one another simply by keystroke.

easy also makes sure that there are no misunderstandings: easy400 offers a choice of five menu languages, and the easy600, easy800 as many as ten.