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Advanced Data-Logging
WiFi Submeter

Basic Features:

● High Performance Metering Technology
● 0.2% Accuracy Class
● Revenue Certifiable Test Pulse with KYZ Output
● IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet Capability
● 10BaseT Ethernet - RJ45
● Modbus RS485 or Modbus TCP

Advanced Features:

● 2 Megabytes Flash memory for Data
Logging capabilities
● 3 Historical Logs, Limits (Alarm) Log and Systems Events Log
● Real Time Clock for Log Time-Stamping
● Universities
● Commercial Buildings
● Shopping Malss
● Industrial Submetering
● Government Facilities
● Energy Efficient OEMs
● Military
● Airports

Utility Peak Demand Metering

Electro Industries introduces the most advanced electrical submeter available. The Shark 200-S submeter provides user-configured Block Window or Rolling Window Demand, allowing the user to set up a particular utility demand profile.

Block Window Demand is demand used over a fixed user-configured demand period, typically 5, 15 or 30 minutes.

Rolling Window Demand is a fixed window demand that moves for a user specified sub-interval period.

Advanced Communication Capability with IrDA Interface

Standard RS485 output speaking Modbus protocol

WiFi/RJ45 connection or Ethernet TCP/IP

IrDA (Infrared port) allows the Shark 200-S to capture and send data using a laptop or pocket PC based PDA

KYZ Pulse for units that require pulse counting applications or where serial or Ethernet protocol is not available

Shark Series Submeter Accuracy Generate Cost Allocation
Shark Series Submeter Accuracy
Generate cost and billing allocation

Extensive Data-Logging Capability
The Shark 200-S submeter offers the capability of having 2 megabytes of Flash memory to be used for historical trends, limit alarms and sequence of events. The unit has a real-time clock that allows for time-stamping of all the data in the instrument when log events are created.

Historical Logs
● 3 Assignable Historical Logs
● Independently Program Trending Profiles
● Up to 64 Parameters per Log

Limit/Alarm Log
● Provides Magnitude and Duration of an Event
● Includes Time Stamps and Alarm Value
● 2048 Events Available

System Events Log
Record for anti-tampering purposes:
● Demand Resets/Energy/Log resets
● Password Requests
● System Startup
● Log Reads
● Changes to Programmable Settings

Advanced Communication

Modbus RS485
●Standard communication includes an RS485 output speaking Modbus protocol. This allows the unit to be connected to any serial RS485 bus using the Modbus interface. Communicates easily with most building automation and software systems. Baud rates are up to 57.6K for fast update times.
● KYZ Pulse
● For applications in which a pulse is needed, the Shark 200-S submeter provides a KYZ output, which pulses proportional to the amount of energy consumed.
IrDA Port for PDA Read
The Shark 200-S submeter can view and capture data using either a laptop or a pocket PC based PDA.
Advanced Communication Capability with IrDA Interface
Superior Ethernet Simplifies Meter Connectivity

The unit is designed to harness the latest technology by providing a simple, over-the-counter wireless architecture. The submeter communicates over any existing wireless or wired Ethernet infrastructure. Just install the unit, plug in its IP address and the device automatically connects to your LAN wirelessly. You can extend the network simply by adding WiFi access points. Wireless Ethernet is reliable and easy to integrate, making it the superior solution for mass meter deployment.

Benefits of Wireless Ethernet over Dedicated 900 MHz Spread Spectrum

Standard infrastructure (no dedicated hardware)

Low cost to deploy and expand

Superior speed

Easier to configure and maintain

Standard Modbus TCP data stream

Easily integrated through the Internet


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