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Multifunction Data-Logging
and Waveform Recording
Power Meter / Transducer

Basic Features

  • 0.2% Class Revenue Certifiable Energy
      and Demand Metering
  • Meets ANSI C12.20 and IEC 687
      (0.2% Class)
  • Multifunction Measurement
  • 3 Line .56 inch LED display
  • % of Load Bar for Analog Perception
  • Standard RS485 (Modbus and DNP 3.0)
  • Ultra Compact
  • Fits both ANSI and DIN Cutouts 

Advanced Features

  • Up to 4 Meg Flash for Historical Data
  • Logging Extremely Configurable
  •  Field Upgradeable I/O
  • 100BaseT Ethernet
  • V-Switch Technology (V1 TO V6)
  • 512 Sample per Cycle Waveform Recorder


  • Utility Metering
  • Substations
  • Power Generation
  • Submetering
  • Commercial Metering
  • Industrial Metering
  • Campus Metering
  • Analog Meter Replacement
  • Voltage Recording

High Performance Features / Low Cost

Electro Industries introduces a new standard in panel mounted power metering. The Shark 200 metering system is an ultra- compact power metering device, providing industry leading revenue metering functionality combined with advanced data-logging, communication and I/O traditionally found only in high performance and high cost systems. This product is designed to incorporate advanced features in a cost effective, small package for large scale, low cost deployment within an electrical distribution system.


Precision Measurement & Meter Certification Capability

  • 400+ Samples / Cycle
  • 24 bit A/D Conversion
  • 0.2% Accuracy Class
  • Traceable Watt-hr Accuracy Pulse
  • Utility Peak Demand Metering (Rolling and Block Demand)

V-Switch Measurement Upgrade Packs Accuracy
The Shark 200 meter is equipped with EIG's exclusive V-Switch Upgrade technology. This technology allows users to upgrade and add features by using communication commands as needed, even after the meter is installed.
Extensive Data-Logging Capability (V2 or V3 Option)
The Shark 200 meter offers the capability of having 2 megabytes of data-logging to be used for historical trends, limit alarms, I/O changes and sequence of events. The unit has a real-time clock that allows for time stamping of all the data in the instrument when log events are created.
Historical Logs
  • 3 Assignable Historical Logs
  • Independently Program Trending Profiles
  • Up to 64 Parameters per Log
System Events Log
Record for anti-tampering purposes:
  • Demand Resets
  • Password Requests
  • System Startup
  • Energy Resets
  • Log Resets
  • Log Reads
  • Programmable Settings Changes

Limit/Alarm Log

  • Provides Magnitude and Duration of an Event
  • Includes Time Stamps and Alarm Value
  • 2048 Events Available


Limits Alarms and Control Capability
Limit Events

  • Any measured parameter
  • Up to 16 Limits
  • Based on % of full scale settings
  • Manual relay control via software
  • Relay set delays and reset delays
Basic Power Quality, True Harmonic Analysis (V3 Option)
Harmonic Analysis to the 40th Order

The Shark 200 meter provides basic power quality, providing harmonic recording to the 40th order for voltage and current harmonic magnitudes. The unit will also provide above and below limits for voltage, frequency, imbalance and other parameters giving a depiction of the quality of the power system being measured.

I/O Change Log

  • Provides a Time Stamped Log of any Relay Output
  • Provides Time Stamped Log of Input Status Changes
  • 2048 Events Available
High Performance Power Quality Analysis
Simultaneous Voltage and Current Waveform Recorder:
The unit records up to 512 samples per cycle for a voltage sag or swell or a current fault event. The unit provides the following pre-event and post-event recording capability. Waveform records are programmable to the desired sampling rate. V5 provides up to 3 Megabytes storage and V6 provides a total of 4 Megabytes.

The meter's advanced DSP design allows Power Quality triggers to be based on a 1 cycle updated RMS. Up to 170 events can be stored until the memory fills. The meter stores waveform data in a first-in/first -out circular buffer to insure data is always recording.

Waveform Scope
The unit uniquely offers a waveform scope to view the real time waveform for voltage and current. Waveform scope allows the meter to be used as a basic oscilloscope throughout a power system.
Independent CBEMA Log Plotting
The meter stores an independent CBEMA log for magnitude and duration of voltage events. This allows a user to quickly view total surges, total sags and duration without retrieving waveform data.

Harmonic Recording to the 40th Order
The Shark 200 meter provides advanced harmonic analysis to the 40th order for each voltage and current channel in real time. Using the stored waveforms, harmonic analysis is available to the 255th order. The harmonics algorithm uses sophisticated active anti-aliasing filtering to provide true and accurate harmonics even when higher level harmonic conditions are present.

Standard Communication
Back Mounted Serial Port with KYZ Pulse
  • RS485 - This port allows RS485 communication using Modbus or DNP3.0 Protocols. Baud rates are from 9600 to 57.6k.
  • KYZ Pulse - In addition to the RS485, the meter also includes a KYZ pulse mapped to absolute energy.

Front Mounted IrDA Communication

Uniquely, the Shark 200 meter also has an optical IrDA port, allowing the unit to be set up and programmed using a PDA or remote laptop without need for a communication cable.

1. INP100S: 100BaseT Ethernet Capability

The meter can provide 100BaseT Ethernet
functionality. Using this card, a user can
connect to 12 simultaneous Modbus TCP/IP

4. RO1S: Two Relay Outputs / Two Status Inputs

  • 250VAC/30VDC - 5A Relays, Form C
  • Trigger on user set alarms
  • Set delays and reset delays
  • Status Inputs
  • Wet / Dry Auto Detect (Up to 150 VDC)
  • Must be used with V4 or higher V-Switcher V-Switch
    option for limit based alarms and control

2. 1mAOS: Four Channel Bi-directional 0-1mA Outputs

  • Assignable to any parameter
  • 0.1% of full scale
  • 0 to 10K Ohms, no accuracy losses
  • Range +/- 1.20mA

5. PO1S: Four Pulse Outputs / Four Status Inputs

  • Programmable to any energy parameter
    and pulse value
  • Form A: Normally open contacts
  • Also used for End of Interval pulse
  • Can function for manual relay control
    and limit based control (V4-V6 Options)
  • 120mA continuous load current
  • Status Inputs - Wet/Dry Auto Detect
    (Up to 150 VDC)
3. 20mAOS: Four Channel 4-20mA Outputs
  • Assignable to any parameter
  • 0.1% of full scale
  • 0 - 500 Ohms, no accuracy losses
  • Loop Powered using up to 24 Volts DC

6. FOVPS or FOSTS: Fiber Optic Card

  • EIG's exclusive Fiber Optic Daisy Chain
    switchable built‑in logic mimics RS485
    half duplex bus, allowing you to daisy
    chain meters for lower installation costs.
    Full duplex is also assignable.
  • ST Terminated Option (-FOST)
  • Versatile Link Terminated Option
  • Modbus and DNP 3.0 protocols available
100BaseT Ethernet Capability (INP100S)
The optional Ethernet card gives the unit 10/100BaseT Ethernet capability, and allows it to speak with 12 simultaneous sockets of Modbus TCP.

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