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Fieldbus independent BUS terminal blocks

With the help of the WAGO >> I/O >> SYSTEM, sensors and actuators may be wired independently within a decentralized automation.

A buscoupler with integrated supply terminal block allows the connection to the respective fieldbus system (Profibus, Interbus, CAN, II/O, EIB, LON).

As far as flexibility and profitability are concerned, the use of the WAGO >> I/O >> SYSTEM offers many advantages to the user.

  1. Fine modularity

  • Two channels for standard I/Os

  • Single channel for special functions

  • The customer has to pay only for the I/Os he needs

  1. Combination of digital and analog I/Os
  • With different potentials, powers and measuring signals inside the fieldbus.node.

  1. The compact design of the bus terminal blocks allows their installation in standard terminal enclosures.
  1. Supply terminal blocks with or without fuse are responsible for the current supply of sensors and actuators. Error message by the fieldbus can be chosen alternatively.
  1. 2- to 4- wire connection on the field side

  • Allows the direct connection of sensors and actuators.

  • The ground connection makes first and breaks last and is realized recording to standard.

  1. No mechanical addressing is required

  2. Fast coupling to the chosen fieldbus.

  3. High operational reliability due to vibration proof, fast and maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP connection.

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