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Universal connector system, protects against mismating


For cross-sections 0.08 mm2/AWG 28 to 2.5 mm2/AWG 14, the MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM, protects against mismating and fulfills all requirements for a universal system wiring:

  • On printed circuit boards

  • For flying leads or various types of mounting

  • For feedthrough connections

  • On front-entry rail-mounted terminal blocks

Closed End Header With
Straight Solder Pins

There is almost no limit to the wide range of possible applications due to the numerous possibilities of combinations of male and female connectors.

Connection types

Female Connector With
Cage Clamp

  • The original CAGE CLAMP connection ensures a fast, vibration-resistant and maintenance-free connection of terminal blocks.

  • Male and/or female connectors are equipped with CAGE CLAMP, depending on the individual type.

  • For operating, a regular screwdriver will do.

  • The constructive design allows the operating of the CAGE CLAMP in a 90� angle or parallel to the conductor (so-called front-entry wiring).

Male Connector With
Cage Clamp

All male connectors are equipped with an additional test slot for test plugs > 2 mm/0.079 in or 2.3 mm/0.091 in.

The bonding is established with low resistance to the female contact.

Female Connector With
Crimp-Snap-In Contacts