Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems

Safety-Shroud System

Watertight Receptacles, Plugs, Connector Bodies and Flanged Inlets

Here are some of the Watertight Safety Shroud's impressive features.

Universal Neoprene Diaphragm Seal

Accommodates a wide range of cord sizes.

Panel or Box Mount
Receptacles and Inlets
  • High impact, thermoplastic housing for heavy-duty industrial environments

  • Cat. number and color-coded voltage ratings are easily visible

  • Combination Phillips/slotted mounting screws

  • Mounting screw recesses minimize screwdriver  slippage

  • Neoprene closure cap provided

  • Accepts all mating NEMA locking plugs

Spring-Loaded Cover

One step push-to-close spring-loaded cover with latch. Environmental sealing is assured.

  • Virtually eliminates bent and broken plug blades.

  • Extends life of mating receptacles by eliminating damage caused by insertion of bent blades.

  • Reduces exposure to arcing  when connecting or disconnecting plugs under load.

  • Extra protection for personnel by significantly reducing chance of contact with blades.

  • Sealing gland and thermoplastic guard assure sealing when fully connected.

The Watertight Safety-Shroud System.
The logical choice.


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