Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems

Plugs and Connectors

INSULGRIP 15 Ampere Plugs and Connectors


Here are some of the intelligent INSULGRIP features.

Integral VARI-SIZE insert adjusts to a wide range of cord sizes.
VARI-SIZE pointer set to "smaller than gauge" position. Accepts slotted or Phillips head screwdrivers.
Catlog number is visible on the device while in use for easy identification.
Pocketed recess for cord grip screws (Phillips & slotted combination) deter slippage of the screwdriver
Transparent angled wiring entrance holes permit "straight in" conductor insertion.
Powerful offsetting cord grips clamp on individual conductors and outer cord jacket to prevent strain on terminations.

INSULGRIP... A smart choice.

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