Edwards Signaling Products

Alert. Advise. Communicate.


Without ever leaving
your desk.


With the Edwards Message Center you can now communicate important safety, production or any other timely message to any audience instantly and effortlessly.

And all your Message Centers can be fully controlled with the included wireless remote programmer or via any IBM-compatible PC with the associated software and hardware.  It may be used as a single stand-alone message center or networked into a workplace communication system.

User-Controlled Message Center Networks:   Edwards message center software and associated hardware enable you to conect and control message centers via several types of communications systems.  These may be hardwired or local-area wireless networks, wider area wireless ntworks, modem networks, or multiple message centers connected without a PC.

Alert. Warn. Guide, educate, even motivate!  No other communication device gives you all this power for such a modest investment as the Edwards Message Center.