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Nano-Change Connectors

Nano-Change connector products offer a wide array of solutions for your connectivity design. This rugged, compact form factor provides the designer with space saving solutions. All Nano-Change connectors are engineered for use in industrial applications where space is limited and rugged performance is required.


Competetive Advantages


  • DeviceNet Drop Boxes and Single and Double-Ended Cordsets

  • Front Panel Mount Receptacles

  • Single-ended, Double-ended and LED Cordsets

  • Field-Wire Attachables

  • Splitters

  • MPIS Molded Juction Boxes

  • Superior Design & Materials

    Nano-Change Design Features

    • Compact design provides space savings in areas where high I/O densities are required

    • Gold-plated brass contacts provide a durable, consistent low-resistance path

    • PVC-jacketed cable provide cordsets excellent resistance to common industrial fluids, while PUR-jacketed cable cordsets provide protection in severe flexing applications or where chemical resistance is required

    • PBT molded connector head provides connector to insert integrity even when exposed to some of the harshest chemical environments Nickel-Plated brass coupling nuts provide resistance in corrosive environments

    • Environmental protection ranges from NEMA 4, IP 65 on the Snap Nano-Change configurations to NEMA 6P, IP 68 on coupling nut configurations

    Provides quick and easy quick-disconnection of:

    • 8mm and smaller proximity switches

    • Miniature photoelectric sensors

    • Hall-effect Switches

    • Reed Switches

    In Common Industrial Applications, Such As:

    • Robotic end-arm tooling

    • Material Handling

    • Semiconductor Assembly Equipment

    • Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

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