Affiliated Distributors


In 1996, Pacific Parts joined with Affiliated Distributors, the largest distribution network in North America.  

A-D's mission is to increase the market share and profitability of its Affiliates, Vendors and Customers.

Founded in 1981, A-D calls itself The Marketing GroupTM and is comprised of over 283 local market-leading independent distributors of electrical, industrial and industrial PVF products, whose collective sales volume is over $12 Billion.

A-D's Electrical Supply Division (ESD) consists of 184 independent electrical distributors (called Affiliates) with 1,408 locations. 163 of its electrical Affiliates are located in 50 United States and 22 Affiliates with 196 locations are located in 10 Canadian Provinces. A-D's electrical Affiliates are doing an aggregate volume in excess of $8 Billion which represents over 15% of total U.S. and Canadian electrical equipment sales through distribution. No single electrical supply chain or group in North America approaches A-D in size, scope, or geographic market coverage.

What does this mean to the Pacific Parts customer?

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