Affiliated Distributors

 How AD benefits our customers

A-D makes it possible for customers throughout North America to be served by independent entrepreneurs - professionally managed, financially independent local distributors who have the local market knowledge and the flexibility to serve the specific needs of local customers.

A-D offers the end-user the advantages of a multi-billion dollar entity and the service advantages of strong, local distribution with core product competencies. Experience has proven that A-D Affiliates have incentives to fulfill effectively all of the services and product needs of their local customers.

A-D insures service by professional distributors who are focused, trained and knowledgeable in specific product areas. Depending on each customer location's specific needs, A-D offers "Just-in-Time" stocking and delivery services, EDI, bar coding services, storeroom management services, and more.

A-D also recognizes that some customers prefer national agreements in single product areas. A-D offers its customers the choice of a national electrical, industrial and/or PVF contract in lieu of the integrated option. A-D is the only group or chain in North America with this customer-driven, flexible capability.

Additionally, through its Affiliates' close working relationship with industry leading suppliers, A-D is able to offer the industrial end-user the highest quality products, systems and technical support possible at competitive levels. In fact, A-D Affiliates represent all leading brand-name manufacturers/Vendors of electrical, PVF and industrial mill supply product groups.