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Electronic Rail-mounted Terminal Blocks

WAGO electronic rail-mounted terminal blocks
are integrated with passive or active components.

3 Conductor Diode Terminal Block

2 Conductor Diode Terminal Block

Here are some ways you might put these terminal blocks to use:

  • Use them with diodes in switching equipment and control units, as a free-wheeling diode, reverse voltage protection diode or for the setting up of diode gates.

  • Use them with Zener diodes as voltage selection in measuring loops or together with a diode for contact switching protection.

  • Use them with LEDs for voltage or status display.

  • Use them with a RC module as switching protection of switching contacts.

  • Use them with gas filled surge arrester, varistor or transile diode as coarse, medium or fine protection against transients.

  • Use them with a relay or an optocoupler module as coupling element between control and field or for the electrical isolation of circuits.

Double Level LED Terminal Block
With Red LED

The advantages of the electronic rail-mounted
terminal blocks for the user include:

  • No extra space is necessary for the electronic components

  • Supplementary wiring is not required which prevents wiring mistakes

  • Less components are needed (less stocking problems)

  • Saves time and cost

4 Conductor Diode Terminal Block

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