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topJob Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks

WAGO topJob rail-mounted terminal blocks with CAGE CLAMP connection have been conceived especially for distribution boards, switchgear cabinets and power distribution units.

All the terminal blocks with a section of 2.5 mm2/AWG 14 to 16 mm2/AWG 6 almost have the same forms.

Even together with topJob installation multilevel terminal blocks, a clearly arranged organization of the terminal blocks can be achieved in order to improve safety and order in building electrical installations, switch- and control-gears and control modules.

Multi-Level Installation Terminal Blocks

Two different types of topJob installation multilevel terminal blocks are available, with N-busbar and screwless N-disconnect slide link for general installation jobs and with N-isolation inside the terminal block and N-potential multiplication for each push-in jumper. The latter enables the material-, space- and cost-saving setting-up of small electric circuit modules such as the ones that are required for safety reasons in electrical installations for sanitary blocks, swimming pools or hospitals.

The user oriented and safety characteristics of the WAGO topJob rail-mounted terminal blocks programs are:

  • Ground (earth) conductor terminal blocks with external spring pressure foot, establishing a safe and secure ground connection automatically when snapped onto the carrier rail

  • The isolated, pluggable jumper systems - touchproof safety without supplementary cover

  • Screwless N-disconnect slide link for the automatic and safe ground connection of the N-busbar during the mounting, with test slot to test insulation instantly or N-disconnection within the terminal block to set up small electric circuit modules with push-in jumpers

  • Double marking possibility in the middle of the terminal block, e.g. for the marking of the terminal block itself and the customized marking

  • Front-entry wiring: terminal block operation and conductor connection can take place in parallel and this concept gives the wireman full visual control of the wiring operation

2 Conductor Through Terminal Block