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Front-Entry Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks


WAGO front-entry rail-mounted terminal blocks are available as 2-, 3- or 4-conductor terminal blocks.

The terminal block can be operated and the conductor can be connected in parallel without confusion which leads to a better coordination during the wiring jobs.

The 3- and 4-conductor terminal blocks make material- and cost-saving potential multiplication possible without jumpers or offer additional clamping units for extra wiring jobs without having to modify the existing wiring.

3 Conductor Through Terminal Block


Costs can also be reduced by using the pluggable and isolated jumpers: horizontal jumpers between terminal blocks or staggered jumpers to connect various potentials.


WAGO ground (earth) conductor terminal blocks have not only a CAGE-CLAMP connection but also an external spring pressure grounding (earthing) foot, which automatically guarantees a good  connection with the carrier rail.


4 Conductor Ground Terminal Block


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