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TY-RAP Cable Ties

Harnessing and point-to-point wire bundling are an integral part of modern electrical and electronic packaging. The TY-RAP tying system incorporates a complete line of innovative products designed to increase productivity and lower the installed cost of harness fabrication and wire bundling. These products include a full range of cable ties, identification ties, clamps, bases, harnessing aids and installing tools. Utilization of the TY-RAP tying system for all wiring jobs, large and small, will speed and improve harness-ing and wire bundling while saving you money.


Self-locking TY-RAP ties lock with grip of steel

An exclusive locking device is your assurance of reliability. The stainless steel locking device is permanently embedded in the nylon head. The tie is infinitely adjustable to any diameter within its own range. All the self-lock-ing ties exceed the minimum pullout strength requirements specified in MIL-S-23190. The self-locking tie is particularly well suited for both point-to-point wiring and harness fabrication. If large quantities of ties are being installed TY-RAP installing tools will increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue.


TY-RAP cable tie features

  • Low Profile head, good looks--won't snag
  • Easy to install, won't slip, mechanic's grip
  • Stainless steel lock, maintains right tension
  • Inifinitely adjustable design, always the "right" size
  • Smooth molded body, less stress sensitive than notched type ties
  • Ribbed and stippled back, won't slip on bundle

Point-to-point wiring

Point-to-point wiring and long-distance wire runs are necessary for many electrical and electronics projects. Here, too, the TY-RAP tying system offers more than simply a tying product. The full line of color-coded TY-RAP ties, clamps and identifying straps can be hand or tool installed. Standoff’s, bulk-head mounting base, adhesive mounting bases and a wide variety of clamping devices will meet just about any requirement.


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