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Cable Ties


Panduit cable ties provide reliable bundling solutions for virtually any application.

The Styles You Want
Locking and releasable, clamp, marker and flag, push mount and winged push mount, lashing, double and triple loop, through-panel, stud mount, parallel-entry and Hook & Loop to meet the specific demands of various installations

The Sizes You Need
Cable ties from 2.8" to 43.3" for bundle diameters from .60" to 12", and stainless steel strapping available in custom lengths with a minimum loop tensile strength up to 600 lbs., to handle a full range of bundle sizes

Widest Variety of Materials
More than a dozen different materials for various application environments – from Natural Nylon 6.6 for indoor use to TEFZEL, PEEK or Stainless Steel for harsh environments

Variety of Colors
Over 20 colors, including natural, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, white, telephone gray, maroon, fluorescent colors and UV weather resistant colors for color identification and application specific (such as HALAR maroon for use in air handling spaces)

And More
Extensive selection of installation tooling (manual, pneumatic, and automatic), harness board accessories and easy-to-install cable tie mounts for lowest installed cost

Just some of what you can find in the Panduit cable tie line...

PAN-TY Cable Ties
Barb Ty Cable Ties
Hook & Loop and
Parallel-Entry Ties
PAN-STEEL Enhanced Stainless Steel Ties
Cable Tie
Installation Tools
Adhesive Backed
Cable Tie Mounts