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RMQ Titan

The ergonomic link with the machine

RMQ Titan is a revolutionary control circuit device line.  Attractive appearance, simple mounting, customized laser inscription and the use of LEDs instead of filament bulbs distinguish this range of products.

Employing LED technology rather than filament bulbs for illumination, the new Titan range of pushbuttons and selector switches is available in a wide range of colours and styles. They are not only brighter, more resilient and more pleasing on the eye than previous designs but, unlike the competition, are also very easy to handle and install.

Part of Moeller's popular RMQ Titan family, which takes its name from the titanium-coloured front ring, is ergonomically designed with actuator elements specifically shaped to the curve of the fingertip. Titan is very competitively priced and provides a full and comprehensive range of device types including pushbuttons and selector switches, with or without illumination; key-operated actuators and emergency-stop switches. The new illuminated emergency-stop pushbutton can be used in conjunction with the new buzzer to further improve safety in the workplace.

In the development of RMQ Titan, particular attention was paid to achieving a consistent and uniform appearance throughout the range. The same external design features can thus be found on all front elements and also on the surface mounting enclosures. Even the customized laser inscription, being available even in very low quantities, helps to ensure a uniform appearance, and provides highest wear resistance and durability. Virtually any text or symbols can be inscribed.

In the illuminated devices, specially designed lenses in the indicator lights ensure optimum brightness. The replacement of filament bulbs with the latest LED technology reduces current consumption and heat dissipation while increasing resistance to vibration and greatly extending lifespan. At over 100,000 hours LEDs have significantly longer working lives than fragile bulbs yet cost no more.



Titan is very flexible; for example, all 'stay-put' pushbutton actuators can be converted to 'spring-return' simply by moving a metal ring on the side of the device. This unique feature is extremely useful if an inching function is required during machine commissioning, but where the actuator is later required to stay-put in normal operation.

Titan is also very versatile, giving designers a huge variety of mounting configurations. Fitting into a standard 22mm mounting hole, up to six contact elements can now be snap-fitted in two layers behind the front panel. Actuating elements are flatter than before thus allowing overall mounting depth to be reduced. Three mounting forms are available: flush mounting, surface mounting and rear mounting.

All button plates, indicator lights and pushbutton legend plates in the Titan range can be laser-inscribed with any text or symbol the customer requires. Being burnt-into the surface these legends are very durable and remain for the lifetime of the device.


  • Ergonomic design through actuator elements shaped to the curve of the fingertip.

  • Optimum illumination efficiency through specially designed lenses in the indicator lights.

  • The use of LEDs ensures low current consumption, less heat, vibration resistance, and a long lifespan – 100,000 hours (11½ years).

  • Fast connection to AS-i possible at any time.

  • Mounting in 22.3 mm grid dimensions.

  • Up to 6 contact elements can be clipped on in 2 levels.

  • Simple stay-put or spring-return function with all stay-put pushbutton actuators.

  • Degree of protection IP 66 allows use in rugged industrial environments.

  • Complies with all international standards and regulations such as IEC/EN 60 947 as well as test mark requirements and directives such as UL and CE.


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