Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems

CFGI Portable Cord

Portable GFCI Line Cords interrupt electrical power for equipment loads when leakage to ground is 4-6 milliamperes.

Available in lengths of 18" (45.7cm), 6' (182.9cm), and 25' (762cm).

A 15' (457.2cm) OEM version with stripped leads is also available.

Portable GFCI Line Cords are offered with an Automatic Set or Manual Set feature to meet your exact application.

Other CIRCUIT-GUARD Features:
  • All glass circuit board provides superior moisture immunity.
  • Heavy-duty molded strain relief prevents conductor strain and resulting failure.
  • Watertight GFCI housing is perfect for use in harsh environments.
  • High impact UV stabilized housing resists dust, sunlight and chemicals for a long life.
  • Heavy-duty molded plug and connector provide a reliable connection.
  • One-piece flush keypads offer greater reliability and resistance to impact-related damage.
  • Solid plug blades are crimped and soldered for a better connection and longer life.
  • Bright fault indicator provides fault confirmation from a distance.
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