Crouse Hinds Products

900 MHz Wireless Gateways

D2 W G

Wireless gateways interface between other Cooper Crouse-Hinds wireless devices and control systems (such as PLCs, DCS, and SCADA). In addition to channeling the wireless network data into one central control system, they can also act as an eight input/output transceiver.


  • Wirelessly connect PLCs on a new machine to an existing factory automation system
  • Interface different automation systems in different sections of a plant
  • Connect protocol devices into a common wireless network
  • Cooper Crouse-Hinds wireless units are used to wirelessly transmit signals for PLCs or DCS
Wireless gateways connect to popular process control and automation databuses, and convert signal information to Cooper Crouse-Hinds' proven WIB™-net wireless protocol.

Main benefits:

  • Wireless extension of factory automation, providing a high security firewall. The wireless gateway connects to a databus and transfers I/O values to another wireless gateway unit via WIB™-net communications. The other gateway interfaces to its own databus. Multiple gateway units can communicate in a WIB peer-to-peer network.
  • There is an efficient wireless protocol conversion in the modules enabling an efficient transfer of data to Modbus
  • Interface between PLCs, DCS, HMI, or SCADA and Cooper Crouse-Hinds wireless units. The wireless gateway keeps an "image" of the remote wireless network in its memory and interfaces this image to the databus.
  • Network wireless units and gateways to connect sensor signals and control systems


  • Class I, Division 2 hazardous areas approved (USA/Canada); (CSA certified)
  • Connects to databus at full bus speed
  • Can interconnect master-slave, slave-slave and master-master
  • Provides a peer-to-peer wireless network using WIB™-net
  • High security data encryption
  • Automatic acknowledgment and error-correction
  • Multiple path routing
  • Eight on-board discrete I/O, individually configurable as input or output
  • Network configuration is performed with easy-to-use free software
  • Wide range power supply with integral backup battery-charging feature
Catalog Number Description
D2 W GMD 900 Wireless Gateway - Modbus (900 MHz)
D2 W GMD 900 Modbus Master and Slave / DF1 Interface
D2 W GPR1 900 Profibus-DP Slave Interface
D2 W GPR2 900 Profibus-DP Master Interface
D2 W GET1 900 Allen-BradleyEtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP functions
D2 W GDET1 900 DeviceNet Slave interface
D2 W GM1 900 Modbus Plus Slave interface