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Single Sensor Transmitters

D2 W SIO wireless modules are economical solutions for monitoring remote process signals and are housed in a weatherproof (IP66) enclosure. They connect to discrete, pulse, or analog signals from process transducers, and transmit these signal values by radio. Capable of being powered by battery-only supplies, these products are particularly suitable where power is not available.


  • Wireless connection of flowmeters or energy meters
  • Monitoring of storage tanks
  • Monitoring cathodic protection on pipelines
  • Wireless alarms from power reticulation fault-relays


  • Class I, Division 2 hazardous areas approved (USA/Canada) - pending
  • Input-only transmitter unit, two digital/pulse inputs and one analog input
  • Networks with multi-I/O and gateway units
  • Sensor signals, inputs are transmitted to a transceiver module where the signals are re-created as output signals or passed by a gateway device to a host device such as a PLC or SCADA system
  • Extremely low power consumption by reverting to "sleep" mode
  • Multiple power supply options including battery-only supply
  • Weatherproof (IP66) enclosures
  • Up to 3000 wireless units per network
  • Inputs on any D2 W SIO can be wirelessly linked to an output on any unit. Inputs can be linked to multiple outputs.
  • Up to 5 intermediate transceiver or gateway units can be configured to link inputs or outputs to transmitters or receivers
  • Interface with Modbus via the gateway device
  • External inputs plus internally calculated values, analog set-point status, pulse rate and pulse total, power supply voltage, power supply alarm
  • Set-point status generated by comparing analog input to high and low set-points
  • Pulse inputs generate a separate pulse count value and a pulse rate value. Pulse rates are treated as internal analog registers with a configurable maximum value.
  • Power supply generates internal signal which can be transmitted as low normal supply voltage status, low battery voltage status, and battery voltage (analog)
  • Can connect to up/down counter transducers such as shaft-encoders
  • Easily configured to repeat the transmission up to four additional times after the initial transmission to ensure that the transmission is received correctly.
  • Easy-to-use E-Series Windows configuration software



Catalog Number Description
D2 W SIO 900Wireless Transmitter (900 MHz)