Crouse Hinds Products

Serial Units

The D2 NW SER is a wired device capable of interfacing with other Cooper Crouse-Hinds wireless radios to increase the number of signals radios can monitor/control. They can also be used as a slave to any Modbus control system.


  • Expansion I/O for D2 W MIO wireless units - up to 31 x D2 NW SER units can be connected to each wireless unit via RS485
  • Serial unit multiplexer, signal transfer via RS485 - up to 32 units per multi-drop link
  • Expansion I/O for Modbus devices - up to 31 x D2 NW SER units can be connected to each Modbus master via RS485


  • Class I, Division 2 hazardous areas approved (USA/Canada); (CSA certified)
  • Connected via RS485 multi-drop
  • Selectable communications via WIB™-net or Modbus protocol (both RTU and ASCII formats)
  • Sensor signals connected at one module; input signals are transmitted to another module where the signals are re-created as output signals to a host device such as a PLC or SCADA system
  • Connect to D2 W MIO wireless units for I/O expansion - up to 31 serial addresses per wireless unit
  • Connect D2 NW SER units together to form a serial multi-drop system - up to 32 serial addresses per multidrop link; no Master device is required to control communications
  • Connect up to 99 x D2 NW SER units as multi-drop Modbus I/O. RS485 extenders/isolators required for more than 31 units per single multi-drop length.
  • RS485 multi-drop up to 2 km (1 mile) depending on installation environment
  • Three versions available
  • Set-point status generated by comparing analog inputs to high and low set-points
  • Analog inputs selectable as "floating" dual-terminal inputs or commoned single-terminal inputs. Configurable current (0-10 / 0-20 / 4-20mA) or voltage (0-5 /0-10 / 1-5V). Configurable scaling, zero and span parameters.
  • Analog outputs selectable as single-terminal source or sink outputs. Configurable current (0-10 / 0-20 / 4-20mA) or voltage (0-5 / 0-10 / 1-5V).
  • Pulse inputs generate separate pulse count value and a pulse rate value. Pulse rates are treated as internal analog registers with a configurable maximum value.
  • Multiple communication failure diagnostics with output status
  • Input measurement display and output "forcing" diagnostics
  • Easy-to-use E-Series Windows configuration software




Catalog Number Description Digital Inputs Digital Outputs Analog Inputs Analog Outputs Pulse Inputs Pulse Outputs
D2 NW SER-11 Non-wireless
Serial Unit
up to 16 up to 16 0 0 4 1KHz 8 100Hz
D2 NW SER-12 Non-wireless
Serial Unit
up to 8
up to 8
field effect
4 "floating" /
8 commoned
0-20mA /
0 0 8 100Hz
D2 NW SER-13 Non-wireless
Serial Unit
Up to 8 Up to 8 0 8
0-20mA /
0 8 100Hz