Crouse Hinds Products

CG Series

Rugged, compact, watertight fittings, 
color coded by cable diameter 
for quick and easy identification

Used with portable cords, these watertight fittings are designed to protect conductors from mechanical damage due to vibration and movement while sealing out oils, coolants, water, dust, etc. 

Typical applications include the wiring of machine tools, motors, transformers, food processing equipment, robotics, air conditioning units, illuminated signs, etc. The low-profile design is ideal for OEM applications that require close side-by-side mounting of multiple cord grips in tight spaces.


CG Series color-coded cord grips with neoprene bushings are for use with portable cords, including S, SO, STO, ST, SJ, SJT, SJTO, and SVO.

CG cord grips are installed to:

  • provide a means for passing a cord into an enclosure

  • form a watertight seal for cord

  • provide pullout protection for cord, ensuring a secure connection

  • Straight Body—electrogalvanized steel

  • Angled Body—electrogalvanized malleable iron

  • Nut—electrogalvanized steel

  • Bushing—neoprene/natural

  • Neoprene bushings are color coded by cable diameter for quick and easy identification of proper cord grip.

  • Rugged construction protects cord from damage.

  • Compact design permits close spacing of fittings on panel applications.

  • Tightening one nut creates watertight seal.

  • Available in straight, 45° and 90° entrance configurations.

  • UL Standard: 514B

  • CSA Standard: C22.2 No. 18

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