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In continuing efforts to improve product offering and service levels, Crouse-Hinds has consolidated their GUF/GUJ/EAB Condulet Conduit Outlet Boxes with Covers.

This improvement combines all of the features and benefits the old series had
to offer into two new series, EAB and EAJ.

Here are just some of the FEATURES & IMPROVEMENTS:

  • Two Body/Cover Styles:

    • Our new boxes are available with an internal threaded cover opening (EAB style) and external threaded cover opening (EAJ Style), to satisfy end user, contractor and OEM market requirements.

  • Size/Configurations:

    • The New EAB and EAJ conduit boxes are available in the same hub configurations and trade sizes as the current EAB and GUJ conduit boxes.

  • Hazardous Area Classifications:

    • EAB and EAJ conduit boxes are UL Listed and CSA Certified for many hazardous area classifications. (Contact us for specific classifications)

  • Mounting Lugs:

    • Cast mounting lugs are now standard on both EAB and EAJ conduit boxes. The lugs are located next to the hubs, which permit these boxes to be installed in rigid conduit systems or exposed cable wiring systems.

  • Internal Mounting Pads:

    • Four (4) pads (or bosses) are provided inside EAB and EAJ conduit boxes except for those with a hub out the back, where three (3) pads are provided (due to the limited space available).

  • Ground Screw:

    • A green ground screw is installed in one of the internal mounting pads to meet CSA and NECode requirements. The green ground screw and CSA certification are important to OEMs in the U.S. that sell products into Canada.

  • "O" Ring Gasket:

    • An O-ring cover gasket is standard on all EAB boxes, providing a NEMA 4 watertight seal for wet locations.

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