Eaton / Cutler Hammer

Rotary Disconnect Switch


The new Eaton Cutler-Hammer Rotary Disconnect Switches are in production and offer customers smaller footprints on certain designs and inherent finger-safe design for more of the product range. The LoadBreak Switches meet UL508 and the non-fusible disconnect switches, complying with UL98, will be provided in the same range as the existing product (up through 1200A).

A new complete range (up through 800A) of fusible disconnect switches, also meeting UL98, will round out the selection. In addition to the open component switches, enclosed rotary disconnect switches will also be available.

LoadBreak Switches, which meet UL508 standards, are available in both rotary and toggle designs. The rotary switches are available in 3-pole designs (16A-125A) and in 4-pole designs (30A & 40A). The toggle switches, utilizing the same switch body as their rotary counterparts, are also available in 3-pole designs (30A-125A) and in 4-pole designs (30A & 40A). Switches meeting UL98 standards would include non-fusible disconnect switches (30A - 1200A) in addition to fusible disconnect switches (30A - 800A), available in all of the most popular "industry standard" ratings.

A full compliment of handles, shafts, auxiliary contacts and other accessories will be readily available for all of the switches.


Please Note: It is extremely important to note that the existing products will not be compatible with the new offering and the new products will not be compatible with the existing. The combination of switch, shaft, handle and accessories will only work when utilizing products from the same common line.