Eaton / Cutler Hammer

PanelMate Power Pro 5000

The Cutler-Hammer PanelMate Power Pro family of operator interface products is rugged, reliable and easy to use. The PanelMate Power Pro 5000 operator interface has a thin profile that easily fits into a 6" deep panel enclosure and is less than half the weight of a typical 14" CRT display.

The PanelMate Power Pro 5000 features a large 13.0" color TFT flat panel display and is available in three configurations - touchscreen, integrated TouchPanel and split TouchPanel - each with 5 control buttons.

The touchscreen units come with an integrated resistive touchscreen interface allowing for gloved hand operation. The TouchPanel models are perfect for harsh environments where touchscreens are not practical.

The PanelMate Power Pro 5000 models are cut-out and mounting compatible with Cutler-Hammer's earlier PanelMate Power Series 4000 and 5000 models as well as the PanelMate I/II/III models. This makes it very easy to get the latest technology without having to spend time or money on cutting and drilling holes or upgrading cabinets and enclosures.

The 5000 models come loaded with many standard features. The security keyswitch can be used with or without software passwords to protect access to specific pages or critical operational changes. The fault relay can be used to provide feedback for loss of communications or power. And the alarm horn output can be used to drive an external horn that can provide alarm annunciation and operator pushbutton feedback. PanelMate's built-in two-touch control functions provide safe pushbutton or touchscreen control of motors, conveyors, presses, or other safety related equipment. In addition, the proprietary hardware design ensures fast boot-up and reliable operation.

The Power Pro 5000 continues PanelMate's tradition of supporting a wide array of industrial network protocols and PLC interfaces allowing quick and easy connection to a multitude of industrial control devices.

For more information on the Cutler-Hammer PanelMate Power Pro 5000 or other PanelMate models, contact us.