ATC Diversified Products

ARA & ARB Series

(Alternating Relays)


The Duplexor is used in control panels where two loads are required to alternate to provide equal run time on the loads. The alternating action is initiated by a control switch, which is common with one side of the control voltage. The output contacts will change states each time the control switch is opened, thus alternating the two loads. The LED indicators show the posi-tion of the output relay.

The ARA series is the standard Duplexor providing automatic alternating sequence. The ARB has the automatic sequencing feature plus the option of locking it into one sequence. A three position switch permits the field selection of normal duplexing action, locking in the A-B sequence, or B-A sequence.

Control Voltage:

24, 120 VAC/DC, 208, 240, 480 VAC, 50/60Hz, 48 VDC, ±10%

Control Switch Current: 1 mA
Contact Rating: 10 Amps @ 240 VAC,
Resistive 1/8 hp @ 120 VAC
1/4 hp @ 240 VAC Inductive
360 VA @ 240 VAC, Inductive
Power Required: 3 VA (Approximately)
...Operate: –20°C to +55°C
...Storage: –45°C to +85°C
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Life Expectancy  
...Mechanical: 10,000,000 Operations (Minimum)
...Electrical: 100,000 Operations @ Rated Load
Indicators: LED Shows Output Position ‘A’
Enclosure Style: Lexan ® Dust Cover
Terminations: Industrial Plug-in
Agency Approval: UL and Canadian UL
Recognition; File #E55826

Triplexor and Quadraplexor also available

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